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Royale Belleville is an Amsterdam-based artist painter originally from Paris, who works mainly with oil paint.
Inspired by a background as a firefighter, Royale Belleville’s art revolves around a fascination with fire, evident in series like "Alpha Burner" and most recently "Interiors" & "Chambre avec vue".
This interest, symbolic of both destruction and transformation, is translated into themes addressing the pressing issue of climate change.
The belief in art as a powerful messenger is central to the artist philosophy, who sees art as a catalyst for change.
Through his work, Royale Belleville aims to convey messages that provoke thoughts, fostering a connection between art and societal consciousness.

Royale Belleville makes also recurrent use of the numbers from the Smorfia or “book of dreams”.

This coding process, which has its origins in Naples and dates from the 18th century, translates every object, action or person into a dedicated number that goes from 1 to 90.
Those numbers and other symbols are present in most of the artist work and became soon an identification mark of his artworks.

In 2010, Royale Belleville founded the “Studio Inferno III”, an art and graphic design studio based in Amsterdam.

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